About Kristen Douma

Kristen was once an active cheerleader as a child but quickly fell victim to the "freshman 15" and "graduation gain" during college. She decided to turn things around by becoming more active and paying more attention to what she eats. She became a certified personal trainer to help people avoid the mistakes she made searching for a healthy lifestyle. After years of going through her own journey, she hopes to inspire others to adopt better habits and reap the benefits she's increasingly grateful to have discovered.

Certified Personal Trainer (ACE)

About Chris Clarke

Growing up playing competitive basketball throughout his childhood, Chris developed a passion for fitness on and off the court. Since 2015, he has helped people gain muscle, lose weight, adopt plant-based diets, and discover the benefits of a healthy active lifestyle. His dream is to continue to help people all over the world achieve their goals and improve their lives.

How Does Online Training Work?

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